New experience microtourism created by millennials

A new microtourism experience
created by millennials


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Ome is about an hour's train ride from Shinjuku. It's a charming city that has been inherited as a post town since the Edo Period, filled with hospitality and human touch, and of course enjoyed for its hiking and swimming opportunities. "Made in OME" is a project to create a new kind of Ome through the eyes of the millennial generation. It aims to polish and refine the appealing aspects of Ome to offer up new tourism opportunities and bring in new fans of the city. Yuna Yabe and MIOCHIN, two ASOBISYSTEM models, will represent the millennial generation as the navigators of this journey as they participate in workshops with local producers and manufacturers to develop products such as sweets made with ingredients from Ome and more. They will also host monitor tours to and hold forums on Ome.

About - 青梅ってこんなとこ


Ome is an easily-accessible location, be it just an hour’s train journey from Shinjuku or hitting the road by car via the Ken-Ō Expressway.


Lovve OME

Specialty goods

・Indigo dye
・1 second hotman towel
・Local Ome brand pork
・Japanese sake and sake brewery
・Egg Tokyo shamo chicken


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Monitor Tours



Catch one of our product development workshops where we hope to gain more Ome fans. You can watch DJ/YouTuber Yuna Yaba and illustrator/streamer MIOCHIN getting hands on with making different things.


①December 10 (Thurs) - From 13:30
Baumkuchen-Making With Eggs from Kawanabe Egg Farm
②December 20 (Sun) - 13:00
Roll Chocolate Packaging Production at a Chocolate Factory
③February 9 (Tue) - 13:00
④February 21 (Sun) - Timem TBA
How to Join: Workshops will be streamed on Yuna Yabe and MIOCHIN's official Instagram

Fam trip


We will promote content of existing tourism opportunities in Ome through its rich nature, history, and culture together with experts and specialists.

ASOBISYSTEM-signed talent Yuna Yabe and MIOCHIN will discover new wonderful things about Ome which you can catch live on their Instagram pages! Together, you can experience all that Ome has to offer around town with them. Tune in to their Instagram pages to join them as they stroll the streets.

Participating Talent

Join them live on Instagram!

Date: December 24, 2020
Time: Will be announced on their Instagram pages

Moniter tour


You too can experience the nature, history, and culture of Ome. You are invited to visit the city's production sites and get up close with local products through conversation with local producers. Your opinion and perspective will be used to create new travel plans to Ome.

Moniter tour Overview

Monitor tours aim to have people developing a strong relationship with new products.
Monitor tours aim to have people developing a strong relationship with new products.
OME Brand Production
Interacting With Manufacturers

Energise Ome by interacting with brilliant products, manufacturers, and producers!

If you have a treasured desire to make a connection with people and their lifestyles, or are interested in adding to Ome, Tokyo's appeal, then we'd love for you to join us.

Sign up to the free 1-day Ome Monitor Tour and discover what the city has to offer for tourists.

*Please note that the tour courses are subject to change.

  • Course A
    Stroll around the Ome Station area
    Lunch at Mayugura
    Hotman tour
    Get hands on with indigo dyeing
  • Course B
    Ozawa Sake Brewery tour
    Visit the Gyokudo Art Museum and Kushi Kanzashi Museum
    Lunch at Mayugura
    Stroll around the Ome Station area

Date: February 21, 2021

Location: JR中央線青梅駅周辺

Price: Free


Forum Overview

Learn all about Ome with everyone at the forum talk

Performance Title
~Ome's New Attractions by the Millennial Generation~
"Made in Ome"
Keynote Speech
Yu Aoki, MATCHA Inc.
Yuna Yabe (YouTuber/DJ)
MIOCHIN (Illustrator/Streamer)
Li Sixuan, BRAND JAPAN inc.
青梅商工会議所会頭・小澤酒造(株) 会長 小澤 順一郎
(株)まちの駅青梅代表 和田 保彦

Date: February 21, 2021 at 16:00-17:00

Location: Ome City Cultural Exchange Center (Nets Tamagu Center), Floor 1F

Summary: Learn all about Ome from a tourism professional

Price: Free


Key Measures and Actions Taken to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

・Ome is taking all of the necessary precautionary measures and actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to ensure everyone's safety and welcome them to the city.

・Please read the instructions below on how to protect yourself and others when visiting Ome.

1. Please ensure you wear a face mask when in a location where people are gathered and when entering any facility.

2. When entering the Monitor Tour and Forum venues on February 21, 2021, your temperature will be taken and you will be asked if you have had any symptoms of COVID-19.

3. Please refrain from attending the Monitor Tour and/or Forum if you become unwell.

・Please note that you will be barred entry when attending the Monitor Tour and/or Forum on February 21, 2021 with any of the issues listed below.

1. If you have a high temperature exceeding 37.5℃ or if you are +1.0℃ above the average temperature.

2. If you display or have any symptoms of COVID-19 (Sore throat, a persistant cough, loss of smell, loss of taste, have had a fever within the last 14-days, etc.)

3. You have been abroad and returned to Japan within the last 14 days of attending.

4. You have been in contact with anyone infected with COVID-19 within the last 14 days.


For business and event enquiries, please contact us at the following



青梅市 青梅市観光協会  青梅商工会議所  西東京農業協同組合
小澤酒造㈱  ホットマン㈱  かわなべ鶏卵農場  ㈲柳丸
㈲プラム ㈱まちの駅青梅 全国まちの駅連絡協議会(1569箇所)

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